Foxtrot Mike Exclusives

We have 2 new Foxtrot Mike and AimSurplus Exclusive uppers hitting the website. The first one is a 7inch with enough clearance with the Handguard to fit a suppressor. The other 7inch uppers we offer all have the threads tucked inside the Handguard to some extent. That keeps you from running a can unless it fits under the small 1.3in Diameter Handguard. Which is not a lot of cans. We kept that in mind for this specific upper.

This second upper is a 10inch forward charging upper with a “Paratrooper” charging handle. This charging handle folds to the side when not in use to give you less of a snag point. This is something people have been asking Foxtrot Mike to include on the forward charging uppers for a while now. We were able to get them as an Exclusive on this 10inch.

Both of these uppers now come with 3 M-LOK Rail covers included in the box. These are also made by Foxtrot Mike and are a nice addition to keep your hands from getting too hot when you’re out plinking at the range. Plus they look good and super minimalist on the actual upper.

Slate Black Industries

Slate Black Industries Grips are a new stock item!

Slate Black Industries is a new line that we picked up in the hopes to carry more products in stock at all times. These guys were able to get us a ton of product and should be able to keep it coming in! These grips and rail covers are excellent for the money and even come in a variety of colors. Head over to the website and check them out now!