Post Velox Rifle/Pistol Class with a man of few words: Matt Fry

1. What is your prior firearm experience? Beginner

2. What firearm/setup were you shooting? Glock19x w/SRO & Arsenal SLR106 with holosun red dot (5.56 AK)

3. What did you hope to learn going into this class? In general just want to get better 

4. What was your biggest takeaway from the class? Still need to work on fundamentals. Then pick a spot on the target and the dot will naturally go there as well as not get sucked into the dot.

5. What area did you improve the most? I had improvements everywhere

6. Is there anything you thought you would learn but did not? No

7. What did you think of Nick’s teaching style? Good, he is down to earth and easily/clearly explains things

8. Are you interested in taking more classes? yes

9. What did you think of the standard runs? I really liked them, the standards covered everything he taught over the weekend.

10. What’s next for you? Hopefully more classes

Matt Fry ladies and gentlemen…. come see Matt at AIM DAY!

Velox Training Group Pistol/Rifle Class

This past weekend I and two other AIM Guys were lucky enough to take a class with Nick Young. Personally, I was very excited to take a rifle class because I have never done one and I do not have much time behind rifles. Here is my take on the class and later on I will have Matt and Pete give me their views on it

The easiest way to explain it: It is an absolute blast.

Phenomenal instruction and delivery of information. Nick is the man, an absolute wizard with a rifle or a pistol. Day one was pistol work and I have taken plenty of pistol classes so I was not expecting a ton of new information and I came in with a goal of learning the Scoopalator draw. It is an OWB draw that allows you to get the gun out of the holster at a blazing speed without having to expend a ton of energy on hand speed. Goal achieved and it ended up being my least digested part of class. We did some transition work that I thought I understood but it just never clicked with me and Nick brought a process in that was very much a light bulb on moment. at the end of the day you run his standards which are very cool and achievable if you are dialed in. They are tough but it’s not impossible and what is cool about it is it’s not just a here 4 stages of my standards you gotta pass x amount. His are more USPSA Classifier style. It was a lot of fun.

Day 2 was rifle work. I have never done anything with a rifle other than some very basic transition work with some of the guys here. This was one of my favorite classes I have done. I used to get bored with rifles 30 minutes in like ok I get it can we go do run and gun with the pistols. Nick changed that. So much information but it’s all very digestible. It starts with accuracy and then into transitions and movement and then his standards for rifle. Just an absolutely fantastic class.

My favorite part about Nick’s class is that you have homework to last you 6 months at least, maybe even longer if you work at it. Everything we did and went over in class can be repeated at your range and in dryfire which is the homework part. Myself being an instant reward kind of guy, enjoyed that I did not get the draw dialed in 100 percent right away or my new approach to attack and control targets. I was able to take the notes from my phone and put down a whole list of stuff to work on and how to work on it. I know you can do that with other classes but this was literally every single thing we did you can take home for dry fire outside the doubles work. Super cool

I will get Matt and Petes insight on the class and drop that in the next blog post.

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AIM DAY: The Final Countdown

The time has come. The final AIM Day of 2023 is approaching and it is going to be a blast.

We wanted to end this year with a bang so instead of just one or two vendors like when we first started, we did 6 the last time…..this time we are doing 12 plus a couple late additions. Oh…and FREE FOOD!

The late additions: Monsoon Tactical and maybe one more really cool vendor!

Check this out!

In case you have not made it out to one of these here is a little something from our last event:

Giveaway time!

We are giving away a rifle. Not just a run-of-the-mill cheap little plinker to get your attention. We are giving away an Aero Precision Solus Bolt Gun. It is a sweet bolt gun and Aero was kind enough to give us one to reward you loyal customers! It is not a complicated entry either, you do not have to like 27 of our Instagram posts and share or tag 34 friends. No spamming, no sharing, let’s keep it simple. Check it out, a couple ways to enter. The easiest way, click this link:

Another easy way: go to the bottom of the webpage and go to the mailing list sign-up. Not only can you get in the mix for the giveaway, you can get on the main list or if you happen to be in driving distance you can get locals-only emails!

Time to do you a learnin’! Sons of Liberty Gun Works is offering an armorers course locally.

Sons of Liberty’s 2-day AR15 Armorer Course is a comprehensive course on the AR15 weapon system. At the completion of this class, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform proper assembly/ disassembly, and barreling procedures, and perform routine maintenance and inspections. You will have a better understanding of the cycle of operation and how to troubleshoot component problems and keep your weapon operational. Students will also learn about gas port sizing and component specifications.

Registration and payment are handled solely via the SOLGW website unless otherwise noted in the description


10550 Camp Trail

Miamisburg, OH 45342

Open Enrollment: LE/MIL/CIV

All persons entering the premises are subject to a background check.

When: October 7-8, 2023

Times: 0900-1700 Daily

In addition to a complete AR15 rifle or carbine you will need the following:

Minimalist Tool List:

  • Glock Disassembly Tool- Glock Disassembly Tool
  • 1″ Nylon/Brass gun smithing hammer. Part# 818-600-100WB- Gunsmithing Hammer
  • 6″ flat tip screwdriver or correct Allen wrench/hex bit for pistol grip screw
  • Pivot pin installation tool- Part# 080-216-011WB- Pivot Pin Tool
  • 1/16 flat punch (Starrett is recommended)- 1/16 Punch
  • Notepad/Paper
  • USB Flash Drive


Henry Single Shot Rifles: You only need one shot.

When it comes to firearms, few names evoke the same sense of heritage and craftsmanship as Henry Repeating Arms. While they are widely known for their lever-action rifles, the company also produces a line of single-shot rifles that are equally impressive. They may not be the coolest in the collection but let’s take a look at why they continue to hold a special place in the hearts of firearms enthusiasts.

A Brief History of Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms, founded in 1996, revived the spirit of the original Henry rifle, which was manufactured in the mid-19th century. The Henry rifle, designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry, was a groundbreaking innovation in its time. It was the first rifle to use a reliable, self-contained metallic cartridge, making it a significant advancement over the muzzleloaders of the era.

While Henry Repeating Arms is famous for their lever-action rifles inspired by the original Henry design, it also pays homage to their roots with their single-shot rifles, which share the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Key Features of Henry Single Shot Rifles

  1. Timeless Design: Henry Single Shot Rifles feature classic American styling, with beautiful hardwood stocks and blued steel barrels. Their timeless design appeals to traditionalists and those who appreciate the aesthetics of a well-crafted firearm.
  2. Exceptional Craftsmanship: Each Henry rifle is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The fit and finish are exceptional, and the rifles exude quality and pride of workmanship.
  3. Precision Accuracy: Henry Single Shot Rifles are known for their accuracy. With a single-shot design, there are no moving parts to affect the barrel’s harmonics, resulting in consistent and precise shot placement.
  4. Variety of Calibers: Henry offers their single shot rifles in a variety of calibers, from .223 Remington to .45-70 Government, catering to both hunters and target shooters.
  5. Ease of Use: The single-shot design is straightforward and reliable. Loading and unloading are quick and simple, making these rifles an excellent choice for beginners and experienced shooters alike.
  6. Safety: Henry rifles feature a rebounding hammer and a transfer bar safety system, providing an extra layer of safety while handling the firearm.

Why Choose a Henry Single Shot Rifle?

  1. Heritage: Henry rifles are steeped in American history and tradition, and owning one is like owning a piece of that heritage.
  2. Quality: Henry Repeating Arms is known for its dedication to quality, and this extends to their single shot rifles. These firearms are built to last for generations.
  3. Accuracy: If you’re a hunter or a precision shooter, you’ll appreciate the accuracy and consistency that Henry Single Shot Rifles offer.
  4. Simplicity: Sometimes, less is more. The simplicity of a single-shot rifle can enhance the shooting experience and help you focus on marksmanship fundamentals.

Henry Single Shot Rifles represent the pinnacle of American craftsmanship and are a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional firearms. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone looking for a reliable and accurate rifle, Henry’s commitment to quality and heritage makes their single-shot rifles a compelling choice. These rifles embody the spirit of the Old West while delivering modern accuracy and reliability. So, if you’re in search of a classic firearm with a rich history, consider a Henry Single Shot Rifle.

Timney Alpha Competition Series For Smith and Wesson M and P

In the world of firearms, precision and performance are paramount. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, or a casual enthusiast, the quality of your firearm’s trigger can significantly impact your accuracy and overall shooting experience. That’s where the Timney Alpha Trigger for M&P comes into play. This innovative trigger system is designed to enhance your M&P pistol’s performance. How does it compare to the current king of the hill: The Apex Tactical Forward Sear Trigger? Let’s take a look.

The trigger is a critical component of any firearm, dictating how easily and smoothly the gun fires. A high-quality trigger can make a world of difference in accuracy, control, and follow-up shots. The Timney Alpha Trigger takes this concept to the next level, offering a host of features that shooters can appreciate.

Key Features of the Timney Alpha Trigger

  1. Enhanced Consistency: The Timney Alpha Trigger boasts a crisp and consistent break. This means that with each pull of the trigger, you can expect the same level of resistance and release, contributing to tighter groupings and better shot placement.
  2. Smooth Take-Up: The trigger’s take-up or pre-travel—the initial movement of the trigger before the sear engages—is designed to be smooth and consistent. This helps shooters maintain proper sight alignment and target focus before the trigger break, crucial for accurate shooting.
  3. Short Reset: Quick follow-up shots are essential in various shooting scenarios. The Timney Alpha Trigger typically features a short reset, reducing the time between shots and improving overall shooting cadence.
  4. Drop-In Installation: Many users appreciate the ease of installation that comes with drop-in triggers. The Timney Alpha Trigger is often designed for straightforward installation, eliminating the need for extensive gunsmithing skills.

Advantages for M&P Pistol Owners

  • Improved Accuracy: The trigger’s enhanced consistency and smooth break contribute to more accurate shooting, particularly at longer distances.
  • Faster Follow-Up Shots: The short reset and reduced overtravel enable quicker and more controlled follow-up shots, crucial in dynamic shooting situations.
  • Reliability: Timney is known for producing reliable and durable triggers, ensuring consistent performance over time.

The Timney Alpha Trigger for M&P is a testament to the importance of quality triggers in firearms. By delivering a smooth and consistent pull, adjustability, and ease of installation, this trigger enhances the shooting experience for M&P owners. Whether you’re seeking precision for competition or dependability for self-defense, the Timney Alpha Trigger offers a valuable upgrade that can make a significant difference in your shooting accuracy and enjoyment.

Now is it better than an Apex setup? I do not think so. That is not a bad thing, the Timney is a great option for concealed carry due to it not being as light as an Apex. It has more pre-travel and it’s kind of like the hinge trigger the m&p used to come with. It has fewer parts to install and a lower price point, so there are some very good reasons to grab one. At the end of the day, it becomes a personal preference.

The Dissipator is back!

Firearms have been a cornerstone of human history, evolving from simple tools into sophisticated pieces of engineering. One intriguing blend of classic design and modern innovation is the Anderson Dissipator Rifle. With a unique configuration that enhances accuracy and reduces recoil, this rifle has earned its place among shooters and collectors!

The Anderson Dissipator Rifle is a prime example of how firearms can evolve without abandoning their classic roots. The term “dissipator” in its name refers to the method of dissipating heat generated during firing. This rifle design maintains the appearance of a classic AR-15-style rifle but incorporates several innovative features to enhance performance.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Barrel Length: One of the defining features of the Anderson Dissipator Rifle is its barrel length. Instead of starting with a 20″ barrel, you would have to cut it down to 16″, Anderson went ahead and just made it a 16″ to start off. Giving you more mobility and maneuverability.
  2. Gas System: The rifle typically utilizes a rifle-length gas system. This system offers a smoother and softer recoil impulse, resulting in more controllable shots and reduced wear and tear on the firearm’s components.
  3. Heat Dissipation: The “dissipator” aspect comes into play here. The longer handguard covers a portion of the barrel, helping to disperse and dissipate heat more effectively. This not only enhances the rifle’s overall endurance during prolonged shooting sessions but also minimizes the impact of heat on accuracy.
  4. Sighting Options: The Anderson Dissipator Rifle often comes equipped with a fixed front sight post up front and a Magpul Mbus Rear, which cater to both traditionalists and those who appreciate reliable backup options. This feature is especially beneficial for those who want to maintain accuracy in case of optic failure.
  5. Customization: Just like any AR-style platform, the Anderson Dissipator Rifle offers a plethora of customization options. Whether it’s different stocks, grips, or optics, users can tailor the rifle to their specific preferences and shooting needs.

The Anderson Dissipator Rifle strikes a balance between nostalgia and innovation. It combines the familiarity of a classic design with modern enhancements that contribute to improved accuracy, reduced recoil, and better heat management. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a hobbyist, or someone who values the marriage of form and function, this rifle offers a compelling package.

Wanna buy one?


The world of competitive shooting is a thrilling and challenging arena where skill, precision, and equipment all play a crucial role. For those seeking a competitive edge, the Rival stands out as a remarkable option. Packed with features and built to perform, this pistol has become a favorite among shooters in various disciplines.

Canik is renowned for producing reliable firearms, and the Rival is no exception. Crafted with precision engineering and using high-quality materials, this pistol delivers consistent performance on the range. Its fit and finish ensure tight tolerances, contributing to enhanced accuracy during shooting.

As the world of competitive shooting evolves, red dot optics have become increasingly popular for faster target acquisition and improved accuracy. The Rival comes optics-ready, featuring a slide cut designed to accommodate red dot sights. This allows shooters to easily mount their preferred optic, tailoring the pistol to their specific shooting style.

The Canik Rival offers an ergonomically designed grip with aggressive stippling, providing a secure and comfortable hold during extended shooting sessions. Additionally, the enlarged ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release offer shooters greater control and ease of manipulation, making it well-suited for both left- and right-handed competitors. The pistol’s lightening cut slide reduces reciprocating mass, resulting in less perceived recoil and improved overall balance. This Improves follow-up shot performance, making it easier for shooters to stay on target and deliver accurate shots in rapid succession.

The Rival comes equipped with adjustable sights that allow shooters to fine-tune their point of impact, depending on their preferred load and shooting distances. The fiber-optic front sight provides a bright and easily distinguishable sight picture, even in challenging lighting conditions.

The pistol’s match-grade barrel is a testament to Canik’s commitment to accuracy. Constructed for consistent bullet placement, the barrel contributes significantly to the pistol’s inherent accuracy potential. Shooters can rely on the Canik SFx Rival to consistently deliver tight groups, a crucial aspect in competitive shooting.

Competitive shooting often requires fast and efficient magazine changes. The Canik SFx Rival comes with large-capacity magazines, reducing the frequency of reloads and allowing shooters to focus more on their technique and less on managing magazines.

The Canik SFx Rival is a standout performer in the world of competitive shooting. With its precision engineering, optics-ready design, ergonomic grip, and adjustable sights, this pistol caters to the needs of serious competitors. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter looking to up your game or a newcomer to the world of competitive shooting, the Canik SFx Rival is a reliable and feature-rich option that won’t break the bank.