All CA Dealers must give us their CL# before ordering. CA Approval Letter must accompany all shipments

to dealers.

CAL. PEN. CODE § 12083:


All 03 C&R holders must provide a COE in order to purchase C&R long guns.

CAL. PEN. CODE § 27966:


No Sales of AK type or AR-15 type Rifles. No Sales of semi-automatic center fire rifles that use a detachable
magazine and any ONE of the following: Pistol Grip, Thumbhole Stock, Folding or Telescoping Stock, Grenade or Flare Launcher, Flash Suppressor and/or Forward Pistol Grip.

CAL. PEN. CODE § 12276.1


No sales of AR-15 lower receivers at all.



No sales of semi-automatic Shotguns that have a detachable magazine.
CAL. PEN. CODE § 12276.1

No sales of semi-automatic Shotguns that have both: a folding or telescoping stock, and a pistol grip.
CAL. PEN. CODE § 12276.1


All handgun shipments to “01′′ Dealer FFL only and modern handguns must be on the California approved list:

CAL. PEN. CODE § 12071


No sales of Firearms to the City of Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES MUNICIPAL CODE Article 5: 55.15. Fingerprinting of Firearms Purchasers.



No sales of magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds, except for FFL dealers with a valid High Capacity Magazine Permit on file.

CAL. PEN. CODE § 16740



No restrictions



No sales of ammunition delivered to the counties of:

  1. Contra Costa (see zip code list below) Contra Costa County Code, Chapter 82, Article 82-36.1002 Record of ammunition sales
  2. Marin (see zip code list below) Marin County Code, Title 6: 6.58.075 Record of ammunition sales
  3. San Francisco (see zip code list below) San Francisco Police Code, Article 9: 615. Records of Ammunition Sales


No sales of ammunition to the cities of:

  1. Carson Carson Municipal Code, Chapter 3: 4312 Requirements for Ammunition Sales
  2. Los Angeles Los Angeles Municipal Code, Article 5: 55.11. Records of Ammunition Sales
  3. Oakland Oakland Municipal Code, Title 9: 9.20.040. Record of ammunition sales
  4. Sacramento Sacramento Municipal Code, Title 5: 5.66.020 Ammunition sales log required
  5. San Francisco San Francisco Police Code, Article 9: 615. Records of Ammunition Sales
  6. Sunnyvale Sunnyvale Municipal Code, Section 1: 9.44.060 Ammunition Sales



No sales of NFA/SBR/pistol barrels (barrels less than 16 inches long)




CA Approved Handgun List

California Zip Codes Interactive Map

National Rifle Association/Institute for Legislative Action Guide to State Gun Laws


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